Unit A101 - 2099 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia V3B 1A8



Wing Chun | Karate | Tae Kwon Do


Darla Tinderland (Dobby forever) - 2019 Jan (Google review - 5 stars)

Very happy with choosing this facility!! The gym is very clean and beautiful, comfortable seating area for parents to stay and watch a class. Boon is a wonderful teacher. He is very good with my son and his other students. Friendly, great atmosphere. I hope more people choose Boon and help support a local business as they have only been opened for a short time. Next to the gym is also the Hippo Art Studio run by Boon's niece, Michelle. This is a great family venture!!!

Sherwin Dela Cruz - 2019 Jan (Google review - 5 stars)

The environment is fantastic, clean and the best thing about the school is they have reasonable price compared to the other martial arts school. Mr. Boon is great, very friendly and got lots of patience as an instructor, I highly recommend Boon Martial Arts .

Joel Wedgbury - 2019 Feb (Google review - 5 stars)

We were so excited when we found out Mr. Boon was opening his studio in our neighbourhood. Our son loves his weekly classes with his kung-fu's brothers and sisters. Mr. Boon is a wonderful teacher. He is very patient and has a great sense of humor. This studio is bright and clean and has a very comfy seating area. I would recommend Mr.Boon to anybody. Please come and support this local Port Coquitlam business.

Spencer Hargreaves - 2019 Feb (Google review - 5 stars)

Sifu Boon strikes the perfect balance between enjoyment and discipline in the practice of martial arts. Boon and Ming (who runs the Art Studio) are very nice and respectful. I always leave classes feeling better than I arrived.

Classes focus on self-defense training through a variety of martial arts: Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Karate and Shaolin. Though a lot of the training based on practical application, there is also a healthy amount of studying movements. Boon leads students through a curriculum he develops for the particular group of students present in each class. As an experienced Guitar Teacher, I appreciate this method and relate it to teaching different styles of music to give the student a broad understanding of the art.

Since beginning classes at Boon Martial Arts three months ago, I have an increase in balance, focus and ability with my body that ranges across many areas of my life (music, exercise, daily interactions with people).

Since 2016, I had been on the lookout for a martial arts instructor. I had a gut feeling it was something I needed to develop but didn't know where to look. When I met Boon in 2018, his ability , poise and character impressed me, so I asked to sign up as soon as possible. I would strongly recommend the same to anyone.